How To Judge

Cannabis In the Regulated Market

Judging cannabis in a professional, consumer-driven competition involves assessing various aspects of the product, including its appearance, aroma, flavor, effects, and overall quality.

Here are the key considerations and criteria to use when judging the Cultivators Cup Competitions:


      • Visual Appeal: Examine the visual aesthetics of the cannabis flower or product. Look for well-trimmed, healthy-looking buds with vibrant colors and trichome coverage.
      • Curing and Drying: Evaluate whether the product has been properly cured and dried, as this affects its appearance.


      • Intensity: Assess the intensity of the aroma. High-quality cannabis should have a strong, distinct scent that is easy to detect.
      • Complexity: Consider the complexity of the aroma. Does it have a variety of scents or a unique signature scent?
      • Pleasantness: Determine if the aroma is pleasant and inviting.


      • Intensity: Evaluate the strength of the flavor when consuming the cannabis, whether through smoking, vaping, or other methods.
      • Complexity: Look for a nuanced and multi-dimensional flavor profile.
      • Aftertaste: Consider the lingering taste and whether it’s enjoyable.


      • Potency: Assess the strength of the product’s psychoactive or therapeutic effects. This can include evaluating the intensity of the high, the duration, and how it aligns with the strain’s expected effects.
      • Balance: Determine if the product provides a balanced experience in terms of mind and body effects.